Name Category
Benchtop Fume Cupboards Medical / Industrial View
Benchtop Fume Cupboards (ES Range) Medical / Industrial View
Economy Basic Benchtop Fume Cupboards Medical / Industrial View
Educational Fume Cupboard (Graduate) Education View
Forensic Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers Forensic View
Forensic Document Examination Bench Forensic View
Forensic Dye Staining Bench Forensic View
Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet Forensic View
Downdraft Tables Forensic / Medical / Dental View
Inset Downdraft Tables Forensic / Medical / Dental View
Chemical Storage Cupboards Forensic / Medical / Industrial View
Downflow Workstations (DWS) Forensic / Medical / Industrial View
Portable Fume Cupboard Forensic / Medical / Industrial View
Forensic Cyanoacrylate PRO Fuming Chambers Forensic View
Forensic Evidence PRO Drying Cabinet Forensic View
Forensic Fingerprint PRO Development Chamber Forensic View
Small Extract Unit Dental/Medical/Forensic View
Fan Filter Module Industrial View
UV Decontamination Enclosure Dental/Medical/Forensic View
PCR VLF Cabinet Dental/Medical/Forensic View
Custom Design Custom Design View
Activated Carbon Filters Filters View
Ceiling Module Dental/Medical/Forensic View
Semper Products Fume Cabinet Support Dental/Medical/Forensic View
UV General Decontamination Enclosure /Dental/Medical/Forensic View

Bespoke Products

Fumecare have extensive experience in developing a wide range of bespoke filtration and containment solutions for a wide variety of clients. If you require a custom designed fume cupboard, dye staining bench, downdraft table or any filtration equipment related to forensic laboratory processes, please contact us.

About Fumecare

Fumecare - designers, manufacturers and suppliers of Fume Cupboards and Forensic laboratory equipment.

We supply a complete range fume cupboard systems, ranging from very low cost cupboards up to fully bespoke laboratory installations. Fumecare serves all industries that require containment systems to protect their staff.

Call or e-mail us to discuss your application.

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